Embark on an Epic Adventure in Konjic:
Where the Mountains Meet the River!

Discover the Beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina with an outdoor adventure in Konjic.

Every destination you’ll visit leaves you with a unique memory. Rafting Neretva, Canyoning Rakitnica, Hiking Prenj, Tito's bunker and many more tours will give you the stories to tell for generations to come.

Neretva rafting exoerience

Rafting Neretva

Feel the Rush on the Neretva River: The Ultimate Rafting Adventure!

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
6 - 8 hours Medium 5 1

Canyon of river rakitnica

Canyoning Rakitnica

Dive into Adventure: Experience Canyoning in the Majestic Rakitnica Canyon.

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
5 - 7 hours Hard 12 3

Adventure on quad bikes

Off-road quad adventure

Unlock the Adventure Within: An Off-Road Quad Adventure in the Mountains of Konjic.

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
1 - 6 hours Easy 12 2

Hiking tour on herzegovina himalayas

Hiking Prenj - 2155 m

Unleash Your Inner Explorer: Join Us for a Hiking Adventure in Konjic.

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
8 - 10 hours Medium - Hard 12 4

family hiking adventure

Hiking Paklina - 907 m

Let the Outdoors Bring Your Family Closer Together on a Short Hiking Tour.

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
3 - 4 hours Easy 8 4

Short rafting tour for whole family

Rafting Neretva Family tour

Make a Splash with Your Family on a Short but Exciting Rafting Tour on the Neretva.

Duration Difficulty Min age Min people
2 hours Easy 3 6

Multi day tours

3 day adventure on three different mountains

3 mountains in 3 days

Explore Konjic's stunning mountains on a 3-day hiking tour. Trek through 3 unique peaks with expert guides. Experience breathtaking scenery and challenge yourself with rewarding hikes. Book now and don't miss out on this unforgettable adventure!

two most beautifull canyons in Konjic area

2 canyons in 2 days

Join us for a 2-day canyoning and rafting adventure in Konjic! Explore the River Rakitnica canyon and raft down the River Neretva with expert guides. Create lifetime memories while conquering two of Konjic's most thrilling outdoor activities. Book now!

4 amazing days in Konjic

Explore Konjic in 4 days

Join us for a 4-day adventure in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina! Explore the rich history, culture, and natural beauty with expert guides. Get an insider's perspective and discover hidden gems. Book now for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.